September 30, 2016

Action plan

1. Introduction

The latest energy-saving solutions and technical improvements offer great potential for energy savings.

2. Energy conservation action plan

Operation, maintenance and technical supervision

Technical installations of the building will be under constant supervision provided by an external company that has 24/7 support and monitoring.

Measurement and verification plan

A measurement and verification plan was implemented to assess the energy efficiency of the building and ensure its constant optimization.

Energy simulations of the building

Extensive analyzes based on energy simulations have been carried out as part of acquiring reliable information about the building.

3. Action plan on respect for the quality of the indoor environment

Segregation of waste

Buildings generate significant amounts of waste every day.

Remove sources of air pollution

Materials that are least polluting are used to prevent contamination in the building.

Maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system

In the .big building, you should regularly carry out maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Carbon monoxide and gas detectors

You should take care and control devices – measuring the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and gas (LPG) placed in underground garages.

Respect for water policy

A cold water leak detection system has been installed, so you can avoid significant water losses that might otherwise go unnoticed.

4. Awareness of employees, staff and building users

The energy consumption of a building depends to a large extent on the people in it and the way they use installed devices and systems.